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Instagram Launch of Post Luxembourg

Under the motto #postyourlife the Post Luxembourg launched their official Instagram account in October. To kick Instagram off with a bang they booked the Coffee Rocket for launching day and we had the pleasure of serving coffee to the commuters at the Luxembourg railway station. Being very active on social media ourselves the event was a natural pairing for us and we very much enjoyed it! With most commuters stressed to get to work in time the Coffee Rocket offered them a necessary breather and refueled them with an Americano to go – what more can you ask for!

RTL Election Special

As final build up to the national elections in Luxembourg the RTL Group organized special radio and TV broadcasts, the so called Wahltournée, with a televised political debate between the candidates. While the candidates battled on stage it was the Coffee Rocket’s job to entertain the masses – and entertain it did! From the early hours until the afternoon we were spinning the legs and served coffee to the friendly people all around the country. Not only did we have super interesting conversations with locals and tourists, we also had a nice chat with the RTL moderators about the Coffee Rocket and what makes our trike so special. Check out the full interview here: RTL Interview with CoffeeRocket
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Beachvolley Open Esch

Sunshine, 30 degrees, beach volleyball and a Coffee Rocket? Definitely a winning combination! In August we were back at the Luxembourg Beach Volley Open in Esch after a one year sabbatical. The Beach Open are a great event that merges daytime volley ball with night time party. The Coffee Rocket was present all weekend and we refreshed the players and spectators with Iced Coffee in the boiling heat. When temperatures cooled down in the evening we opened up our special drawer and spiced the espresso with a shot of Baileys to warm to crowd up from the inside. The party continued long into the night on Saturday so an early morning coffee on Sunday was well appreciated by players and staffers alike. Can’t wait for next year!

Corporate Event at FundRock Management

One of our most intimate September events was our morning at FundRock Management. FundRock booked us the day before and we are nothing if not spontaneous! A solid 12 hours after calling us we were at their office pulling delicious espressos for the guests and staff of FundRock. We always really enjoy these intimate corporate events where we have the possibility to chat with the guests and explain the different mechanical features of our Coffee Rocket in detail. The fact that our trike doesn’t require any electricity allowed us to be placed in the atrium of the building and made for some great entertainment when it was time to spin our legs.
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30 Years Nico Marechal Construction

One of our flashiest private events this year was the 30 year anniversary of Nico Marechal constructions. We were booked as part of the catering team and provided the coffee for the 200 guests. Our Coffee Bike was placed on the rooftop of Marechal Constructions in spectacular fashion with a building crane. For a brief moment our heartbeat stopped when we saw our Coffee Rocket lift off for real. The beautiful rooftop setting was however well worth the scare and our guests could enjoy their coffee with a splendid view over western Luxembourg. Repères Communication did the event management for the night and dressed our Trike in a flashy flower decoration. Thanks again for having us at this amazing event – it was one for the ages.

DP-Street Market with Roude Leiw Boune Kaffi

In June we joined Will Kreutz and Roude Leiw Boune Kaffi at the Summer Street Market of the Democratic Party. Will is one of our oldest partners and has branded our Coffee Bike in his colors. Whenever we join Will it is always a pleasure to be part of such an eye-catching corporate identity. We had the honor of experimenting with Will’s different coffee beans and offered a delicious arabica blend from northern Peru at the Street Market. Roude Leiw Boune Kaffi offers different types of arabica mixes, all of them selected and roasted in Luxembourg. Check them out here: P.S. Our favorite is the Espresso Mix ;) Roude Leiw Bounekaffi
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